Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update from The Past Couple Wednesdays at FLOOD

UPDATE: FLOOD on 9/29/2010

Here is the video of the message that Brian's cousin, Megan Fate, gave at FLOOD a week ago yesterday.  I warn you: you may have to change things in your life after watching it.

UPDATE: FLOOD on 10/6/2010

Did you hear heaven celebrating? If not, PAY ATTENTION!!!! :)  Last night I spoke from John 8, the woman caught in the act of adultery.  We looked at how Christ showed compassion to the woman while then challenging and calling her to stop sinning.  It was a message to bring people to a surrendered life to Christ, whether for the first time or for Christians to live as citizens of heaven rather than as citizens of hell.

As I called people to surrender to Christ for the first time, two young ladies stood up.  The place went CRAZY!!! The thing that excited me most (after the fact that they now belong to Jesus) was that they were both brought by other people committed to Flood.  They put into practice the Oikos principle – striving to impact the 8-15 people that God has put into their sphere of influence to encourage them to follow Christ.

On top of the two people surrendering to Christ, four people professed their faith in and love for Jesus by being baptized.  Three were planned and one decided that night as she watched the example of her parents who were both baptized (and by the way, our next baptism service is Wednesday night, November 3rd).

Last night was explosive.  I met a good chunk of people who had come for the first time last night and are excited to make Flood a part of their lives.  I LOVE IT!!! Keep on praying. God is moving.  It’s a stinking blast to be part of it.

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