Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Camp 2012 Update!!!

Dear Parents,

I would like to talk to you about summer camp. This summer we will not be going to Bass Lake as done in the past. There are multiple reasons for this change but the biggest two are the timing of when the sites were available, and the lack of resources due to the poor quality of the lake. Bass has been a great trip in the past and God has used it in a great way at PFB. This summer we have a new and exciting opportunity that I am so pumped about. The high school ministry will be going to Hume Lake Christian Camps, July 8th to July 15th. Included is a full week of camp along side 1,000 other students with every meal provided (breakfast/lunch/dinner). In addition, they will be getting a camp t-shirt and DVD. Hume Lake offers powerful worship, a great speaker, paintball, high ropes, kayaking, disc golf and much much more. Normally the cost of Hume is $500 per student, but we are able to charge our students $300. The cost is only $50 more than last year. There are only 43 spots available. Therefore, the first 43 students to register with a $75 non-refundable deposit will secure their spot.

What about the Cost?

We understand that $300 is still a lot of money and can seem overwhelming when paying it all at once. We have come up with a few different payment options that may be more convenient for your family. If you were to do a weekly plan there are 18 Sundays starting from this Sunday Feb 26th 2012, before the final payment is due. This breaks down the cost to about $13 a week after the deposit. If you were to do a monthly plan, it would come out to about $57 a month (March –June) after the deposit. If you were to do a two-payment method it would come out to two payments of about $113 after the deposit. These options are meant to be a resource to you and not meant to be a restriction. The final payment for all registered campers will be Sunday June 24th 2012. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Courtney Romero (909) 629 – 5277 ext. 3038.

Lead High School Pastor

Ryan Palmer

New Sunday Morning Series Update!!!

Dear PFB Parents,

I wanted to take a moment to inform you about the current series we are teaching in the High School Ministry at Pomona First Baptist Church. Currently we are going through the book of Romans and about to end chapter 1, which talks about issues of sexuality and sexual promiscuity. Because this is such an important topic, especially among mid-adolescents, we are going to be in a 5-week series that talks candidly about God’s plan for sex, dating and marriage. Here are the details for the upcoming series:

March 4th: Identity & AdoptionRyan Palmer (this message will lead the students to the understanding that we belong to Christ and that our value and worth is found in the love and grace of God)

March 11th: DatingRyan Palmer (this message is leading students to the understanding of what it means to have proper boundaries, accountability and mentorship for healthy dating)

March 18th: Sex Part 1Ryan Palmer (In this teaching we will breakdown the realities of sex, sex defined biblically and what the world says about it)

March 25th: Sex Part 2Rob Schwandt, Jesse Hunter, Ashley Copenhaver, Courtney Romero (In this teaching panel, the students will be in a discussion of what it means to have healthy boundaries of sexuality, responsibility as a believer to purity and healing for past mistakes)

April 1st: MarriageRyan Palmer (We will be finishing up our series with Gods design for marriage and how students can successfully abstain from sex until marriage)

This series is incredibly important for our high school students. We’re praying for scores of commitments and life-change to the Biblical understanding of sex.

I’m sharing these insights with you so you will know what your student will be hearing, and so you can use them as launching pads for discussion. I also wanted to give you this “heads up” because I recognize some may not feel the timing is appropriate for your teenagers’ specific needs. If this is the case, please feel free to have them attend the adult worship service with you as appropriate.

Thanks for allowing our High School Ministry team to play a small part in God’s plan for your teenager’s life!

Ryan Palmer Lead 
High School Pastor

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disciple Now 2012 Parent Update

Disciple Now 2012 Parent Update

Hello Parents,

I wanted to thank you for all of your support and prayers for Disciple Now 2012 “The Masquerade”. It was a very successful weekend with over 60 high school students from PFB alone that's more than double the amount we had at last years winter camp. We spent the weekend partnered with four other churches bringing the event attendance to over 300 people. The best part of the weekend was the commitments that were made, we had 10 students make a commitment to getting back on track with Jesus, 7 students recommit their lives to Jesus and 2 give their lives to Jesus for the first time. That was along with 150 other students from the weekend who also made decisions Saturday night. That's what a winter retreat is all about. Thank you for making this new event so successful and for your partnership with the high school ministry.

To view pictures from the event you can go to the website:

Password: Albert (case sensitive)

With Joy

Lead High School Pastor

- Ryan Palmer