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Here are the different links that will help you stay in the loop on things going on in HSM.

You will notice that when you check out the website for high school that we have gone to a blog format.  The reason behind this is that we are seeing much more traffic on the sites now that we have it written out like a blog.  Kids like info.  Blogs keep bringing new updates all of the time.  Websites become static and don't seem to attract many students back to it after a while.  Go ahead and subscribe to each website so that every time the blog is updated, you will receive an email with that update right in your inbox.  This way you will see everything that you students sees from us.

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High School Ministry Facebook Group Page
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Brian Holland

High School Sunday morning messages (AUDIO)
FLOOD & PFB Sunday morning messages (VIDEO)
Look for all of the video files that say FLOOD on them.