Monday, December 13, 2010

FLOOD High School Update and Upcoming Info...

Hi Parents,
Happy Monday (hang in there :).  I just wanted to give you an update about what's been going on and what is to come this week.

Last Wednesday night at FLOOD, in case you missed it from an earlier update, we saw four high school girls surrender their lives to Christ.  This never gets old.

Yesterday morning at high school worship we looked at Hosea 1:2-3 and talked about the fact that God is anything but conventional.  I challenged your high schoolers to be open to the unconventional commands that God will give them and to strive to obey.  If you want to hear the message, click here and find Hosea 1 to download it from iTunes.

We also showed a video from our new lead high school pastor, Ryan Palmer, to your students to introduce him to them.  He is an amazing youth pastor and we are so thankful that God has brought him to our team. If you would like to meet him, you can see his video that he made for you by clicking here.

1).  This Wednesday night is full once again.  At 6pm we have RUSH in the B-building.  At 7pm we have FLOOD in the worship center.

2).  This Saturday at 1pm we are rock climbing at Hangar 18 in Upland.  The cost is $30.00.  The event officially goes from 1-4pm but Ashley has said that she will stay there as long as the students want to climb.  If you have any questions about this, give Ashley a call (909-938-4737).

Hangar 18
256 Stowell Street Ste. A
Upland, CA.  91786

3).  This Sunday, after the 11:11 service at PFB, we are going to lunch and the movies to see the new Narnia Movie, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

For any questions, please call Ashley (909-938-4737).  Our goal is to be back to the church by around 5:00pm.  We will update you with all of the information as it comes.

Again, thank you for allowing us to partner with you as you raise your high schoolers to love Jesus.  God bless you all as you strive to honor Jesus in this honorable task.

                What a ride,

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